Sunset Pre Wedding Shoot // Kate & Anton // Merseyside Wedding Photographers

"Guys!! Oh my word!! We have never said WOW so much in such a short space of time!!! And...I cried! They are just unbelievable! Thank you soooooooo much!"

Kate & Anton

Sunset Pre Wedding Shoot, a couple silhouetted against the colourful sky and their reflection on the wet beach - Merseyside Wedding Photographers

Sunset Pre Wedding Shoot  //  Kate & Anton // Wirral, Merseyside Wedding Photographers

We love the golden hour and a good sunset!

We couldn’t wait for Kate & Anton’s pre wedding shoot as they were keen to catch a beautiful sunset which is our favourite time of the day to shoot! They decided that they wanted to have the shoot at Wirral Country Park, on the coast of Merseyside, near where Kate grew up Hoylake. She had fond memories from visiting the park in her childhood and we knew if we were lucky we would be treated to a gorgeous sunset over the sea of west coast just like we did at Jenn and Joe’s Liverpool Wedding.

We met on a sunny August evening, an hour before sunset, we call this the golden hour as the light is beautifully soft and warm just before the sun sets and is perfect light to shoot in.  We explored the park overlooking the bay, chatting as we went about their wedding day plans and getting to know each other, one reason we love pre wedding shoots. We decided to save the beach for the end of the shoot just as the sun would set over the sea and wow it was worth it!  Just as we stepped down on to the beach we were treated to a spectacular sunset, colourful skies, and glistening light reflected across the River Dee. You can see how much the colour of the light changes throughout the shoot below which is why we love shooting at this time!  

We always recommend to our brides and grooms that they have two shorter couple shoots on their wedding day rather than one longer shoot. Where possible we aim for the second shoot to be in the evening around the golden hour before sunset.  Not only do our couples feel more relaxed after the excitement of the wedding day but the warm evening light makes for some stunning photos and if we are lucky with the British weather, we catch a fantastic sunset too!

Kate and Anton were a joy to capture, naturally comfortable in front of the camera and their personality as a couple just shone through. It’s clear they love being in each others company and we can’t wait to be their Wedding Photographers at Pryor Hayes Golf Club in Cheshire. They told us how they met performing on a cruise ship, Anton a dancer and Kate a singer so we are especially looking forward to their first dance.

Zoe & Tom

Merseyside Wedding Photography by a husband and wife team


Sunrise is also a great time to do your pre wedding shoot, if you are willing to get up super early like Preyash & Bhavika did, it is more than worth it!  See their engagement shoot here

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