Sarah & Jason // Dovestone Reservoir Pre wedding Shoot // Manchester Wedding Photographers

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"You've both made us feel that bit more relaxed. We're both very confident in having the pair of you as our photographers for our wedding day!"

Sarah & Jason, Pre wedding shoot, Dovestone Reservoir, Greater Manchester

Sarah & Jason, Winter Pre Wedding Shoot, Dovestone Reservoir, Manchester

You may have noticed that we love colour and light here at About Today Photography so when we come across a location like Dovestone Reservoir in Greater Manchester we get really excited. Just check out the deep blue colour of the water and the surrounding lush green landscape! We also found some beautiful, dreamy, dappled light among the pine trees that line the waters edge.

We scouted the location a few weeks before, taking our little dachshund Ripley for a walk around the reservoir. We weren’t so lucky with the Manchester weather that day and we all got drenched but it still a beautiful walk and we look forward to returning again.

When we met Sarah and Jason for their pre wedding shoot at Dovesstone it was the most glorious winter’s day.  Many couples worry about having their shoot in the winter months but often shoots where couples wrap up cosy and have to keep each other warm turn out great!  It may have been a little nippy but the sky was as clear and as blue as a summer's day. The reservoir was so still it was like a mirror and appeared an amazing deep blue. We couldn't have asked for a better day.

We wandered along the watersedge and around to the tall pine trees that line the edge of reservoir. The lush green foliage and surrounding hills were a perfect backdrop to a romantic pre wedding shoot. We chatted about how they met and their wedding day plans at Bolholt in Bury, near to where they met. High school sweethearts, they have been together 10 years and we have never met such an adorable couple! We can’t wait to be their winter wedding photographers.

Zoe & Tom x