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We met 5 years ago at a gig in London where a mutual friend was performing.  We got married in 2015 at Victoria Baths.  We both immediately fell in love with its beauty and heritage and felt it really reflected our personalities.  It’s a bit of a hidden gem in Manchester and well worth a visit! We live in an Edwardian terrace house which we fill with cameras, kitchen gadgets, boardgames and any retro furniture Zoe can find. 

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Zoe & Tom - Sansom Photography
Zoe & Tom - Sansom Photography

Meet Tom

Tom loves a new gadget, and has a constant need to know how things work and why they work, aside from photography this has led him to off the wall techniques in his other hobbies.  He's always cooking me amazing meals using interesting techniques such as sous vide, carbonating fruit or inventing his own ice cream.  He’s always looking for a new technique or trick to help him realise a new idea.  It’s this need to understand the fine detail of a hobby and the opportunity to be creative that fuels Tom’s love of photography.  Tom loves to cook, play board games and is always planning the next thing he is going to build. 


Meet Zoe

Zoe has always been driven by her creativity, before photography she was a textile designer and she can be as creative at work as she is in her free time.  She has loved photography as long as I have known her and is at her happiest when she has opportunities to be creative and put her own unique perspective on things.  This combination of skills and passion is how she's always getting wow shots!  She loves retro styling and is always on the lookout for the next perfect mid century or Scandi item for our home. Obsessions include Orla Kiely, anything Yellow and her collection of retro Hornsea Pottery and tea sets.  



And meet the newest member of our team, Ripley our little Dacshund.